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The World's Smallest Train

About Nano Trains

The World's Smallest Train

My Story

I formed Nano Trains Inc. in 2017 for two purposes: to disseminate information about the technology that powers the world’s smallest train, and to make this new technology available to fellow Train Modelers and Miniature Enthusiasts alike.

As a Miniature Enthusiast, I was looking for a train that could be used around a Christmas tree in my dollhouse when I discovered the world's smallest working train. Nano Trains are only 1/1000 scale! Once I received and powered up my first Nano Train, the Model Railroader in me saw the potential for a full-scale train layout in miniature. I proceeded to build the first Model Railroad on top of a wooden base measuring only 8 ¼ X 6 ¼ inches (which houses all the equipment).

Since the first Nano Train did not end up in the dollhouse I had to order another. With the second Nano Train, I realized the Model Railroader in me is stronger than the Miniature Enthusiast since the second train is contained in a layout inside a cigar box. Being hooked on the Nano Train, I began researching the train and discovered it was powered by linear propulsion - a new technology based on magnetics.

This inspired me to form Nano Trains: a company at the intersection of Model Railroading, Linear Propulsion, and Small Spaces.

I find the progression of train miniaturization over the years fascinating. The O Scale is 1:45. Next came the half O, or HO Scale at 1:90, then the N Scale at 1:160. The former smallest train is the T scale at 1:450. The Nano Train is a mere 1:1000 scale! Even better, the technology and track can be used for applications other than the propulsion of the 1:1000 engine and rolling stock. Since the technology is built around magnetics and linear propulsion any object attached to a magnet can be placed on the track and transported, opening-up the application to other Model Railroad scales such as the O, HO, N, and T Scales. As long as I keep the track fully joined to itself (so the magnetics work), I am only limited by my imagination!


You can use the track to have people moving around your train depot on your HO Scale layout and have horses moving around a paddock in your N Scale layout. You can use the track to have people walking around store fronts, have railroad workers moving around, or have cars driving around your city blocks. Automated movement provides that extra wow factor and realism. I believe every layout contains some area or element that could have automated motion so I will ask you the same question I asked myself: what can be automated for movement within your layout?

As you can see the Nano Train has so many great uses - small scale train layouts that can fit in a cigar box on the coffee table, or on your desk at work, or to move objects around your current or future layouts. Most modelers have their layouts in the garage or basement due to space requirements. With the Nano Train I am able to have a train layout in any room of the house to enjoy and use as a conversation piece.

My Projects

I currently have a Nano Train layout as the centerpiece of the dining room table and one on the coffee table in the den. I am working on one for my office desk. I have several projects on the horizon for the Nano Train which include a Christmas scene where some elves are playing with a train layout while other elves are watching a train around a Christmas tree; a new N Scale layout focusing on farm life with horses moving in a paddock; and a horse race with the layout inside a large box. One day I’ll get around to putting one in that dollhouse that started it all.

Nano Trains: the intersection of Model Railroading, Linear Propulsion, and Small Spaces!

How can you use this amazing technology?